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Mazda RX7 Fortune Veilside full, a new addition to the most wanted list of modern cars.

Mazda RX7 Fortune Veilside is one of the mouth watering modern cars known to enthusiasts today. Veilside is a Japanese aftermarket company specializes in manufacturing and distribution of body kits from where they initially started at selling suspension and engine tuning parts. Yokomako Hiranao is the founder of the company from where its name is derived; “yoko” means side and “maku”veil.

In this post, I would just like to share the full specs on one of my favorite Veilside cars although there were actually lots of them, but this automobile catch my attention after it has featured in the movie Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift. The Mazda RX7 Fortune Veilside.

Obviously, there were engine modifications by Veilside producing added horse power of 380 at 6650 rpm which is way better than the stock of 255 hp. Through a supplied HKS T04Z turbo kit, custom Veilside Intercooler that’s piped down to a V-mounted HKS intercooler the Mazda RX7 Fortune Veilside was able to run a quarter mile of 104.5 at 14.1 seconds with an acceleration that took 6 seconds to hit 0-60 mph.

The Mazda RX7 Fortune Veilside kit alone costs $11,000 and a must be 1993 model of RX7 at 9000 and it requires a professional for the installation process so it would cost in excess of $20,000.

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NOS allows Mythbusters a supercharged car to skip on lake

Nitrous Oxide System

Several drag racers use Nitrous Oxide System or the NOS as a way to boost their engines horsepower. Modern cars use NOS to increase horsepower by 100 which also results to an even greater speed for the car. But did you know that it’s possible for a car to skip on top of the water, or a lake I presume with the use of this add on?

By definition, skipping is a kind of trick that can be done by throwing a rock and forcing it to bounce several times on the surface of a water. It is one of Isaac Newtons Law of Motion, that “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. This law was tested by Discovery Channel’s crew, the Mythbusters, not on a 1 pound rock but on a 1000kg car.

By adding Nitrous Oxide System NOS to the engine of a remote controlled Pontiac Fiero, the crew proved their theory right and made the car bounce three times on the surface of the water. Check out this video.

Spare a driver’s life with Google’s Self Driving Car

Self Driving Car

Modern cars are composed of  airbags that serve as the vehicle’s safety device. However,  the  Google’s self driving car is one of the solution for highway accidents caused by drunk, reckless driving and all the trouble that you get when applying for a driver’s license. The Google X lab founder Sebastian Thrun was concerned on the increasing number of cases on highway accidents which became the main reason for launching this project. A theory arises that if we take the hands of a human driver of the steering wheel, accidents would absolutely drop-off. Another class of vehicle would be added to the list of modern cars if this theory is accurate.

That theory came into reality when the first self driving car was on the road last May in the state of Nevada under the license of Google and soon will be followed in California if Governor Jerry Brown will approve the bill. This car logged at 300,000 miles and so far, no accidents ever occured

The Google’s self driving car was a Toyota Prius built with front, rear and side sensors that monitor and measure the surrounding vehicles, GPS for accurate positioning, a Lidar(light detection and ranging) that identifies lane markings and video cameras to detect road signs and traffic lights. All are controlled by the central computer that operates the acceleration, brakes and steering wheel. Imagine how much technology would require if this components would be added to modern cars.

However there’s no telling how much would this cost and Google still seeks for automotive partners for the Google’s self driving car.

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Russian Mayor’s Toyota Land Cruise tastes the wrath of God

Toyota land cruiser

`Finding a shade is the safest place during a lightning storm, but what if a lightning bolt struck even in the most secured place inside your car? The driver of this Toyota Land Cruiser owned which is owned by a Mayor in Russia must be lucky enough that the vehicle did not explode after being struck by a 3,000,000 volts of lighting. There were no reported fatal injuries during the accident however a huge electrical damage was brought on the SUV.

Fast and the Furious’s flagitious car is a prop

The 1970 Dodge charger Fast and the Furious

The Hollywood Blockbuster movie “The Fast and the Furious” would be incomplete without the appearance of Dominic Toretto’s (Vin Diesel) 1970 Dodge Charger. Going back on the previous sequels of the movie except “2 Fast 2 Furious” and Tokyo Drift, the 1970 Charger was never absent on Dominic Toretto’s hands. Speculations and even Dominic Torreto said “900 horses of Detroit muscle”, has never been proven.  Instead the Charger was powered by a Chevrolet small block V8 crate engine with a rated horsepower of 400hp which is not bad for a 5.7 liter engine, yet is still not capable to produce 900hp and the superchargers were basically stapled and glued on top of the hood. In other words, this monster’s role is just for the sake of the movie’s props and its proclaimed 900 horsepower (according to Dominc Toretto) never really came to exist. However the concept was quite  stunning and its a two thumbs up for the movie. Here is the over all specs of the car.


Type: Supercharged Chrysler 426 Hemi V-8
Intake: BDS Blower Intake
Injection: BDS Electronic Fuel Injection
Supercharger: BDS 9-71 Roots-style blower
Fuel: Sunoco Racing Fuel
Lubricant: Castrol

Transmission: Chrysler 727 Three-Speed Automatic
Converter: Cone
Shifter: Winters
Driveshaft: General
Rear axle: Dana 60
Headers: Hedman
Mufflers: Flowmaster
Tubes: Morse 3-inch
Fuel pump: Holley

Springs: Hotchkis
Shocks: Hotchkis

Type: Coy’s C-5
Front size: 18-by-8.0 inches
Rear size: 18-by-9.5 inches

Type: Continental Sport Contact
Front size: 255/45R18
Rear size: 285/50R18

Front: Wilwood Disc
Rear: Wilwood Disc
Slide brake: Wilwood

Seats: Beard
Belts: DJ Safety
Cage: Matt Sweeney Fabrication
Door panels: Matt Sweeney Fabrication
Wheel: Grant Le Mans
Gauges: Autometer

Body kit: None (Standard Dodge Charger)
Hood: Hanneman Fiberglass

Paint: Jack’s Auto Body


Drifting is just for RWD cars

Car drifting

A lot of racers are getting involved on drifting modern cars these days. Drifting is best described when a driver deliberately oversteers causing for the loss of traction resulting for the rear wheel slip angle to advance the front slip angle as it enters and exits the corner  through counter-steering. Checkout this amazing video. Keiichi Tsuchiya currently holds the title of drift king in Japan. Tsuchiya appears in the Hollywood movie The Fast and the Furious Tokyo drift as “the fisherman” while Sean Boswell (Lucas Black) was trained by han (Sung kang) the proper drifting.

Getting straight to the point, drifting works only on RWD (Rear wheel Drive) cars. A lot of people today are trying to imitate drifting by using FWD (Front Wheel Drive) cars where is basically called Powerslide by some racers. It is quite disturbing on how people apply the wrong method of drifting that result to rapid wearing of their tires, unless they are intentionally putting angles on their wheels.

I owned a 1990 Nissan Sunny and tried to drift it myself and got disappointed when I realized it wasn’t drifting. I’d like to share this info so that others won’t imitate drifting using their front wheel drive car so that they won’t end up like this.

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